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What is Neuralink?

Introducing Neuralink
by Neuralink

Watch the following video
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15 Things You Didn’t Know About NeuraLink

What’s science and what’s not
by Verge Science

Brain chip demo explained


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TELEPATHY - You will be able to send message, a thought, to another user who has a Neuralink. Will this also let us communicate with animals with neuralink?FITBIT-BRAIN - You will have bodychecks 24/7. The Neuralink will have a stepcounter, protect your body from heartattack, seizures, diabetes etc.TURN OFF PAIN - This will be the of end alzheimer, no seizures, cramps etc.IMPROVED VISION - Blindness can be cured. Also Elon Musk mentioned other vision-features in the future like thermal vision and X-ray vision.MORE PRODUCTIVITY - People will be able to be even more productive with less distractions. The neuralink will increase your brain capacity. Your brain will have easier access to other parts of the brain. This means that you will think faster, process faster and get results faster. A super brain.RECORD MOMENTS - You can record moments in your life and re-live them.INFINITE KNOWLEDGE - Why learn something when you can download it. You will have wikipedia in your head. Speak any language. You can learn kung fu.CURE DISABILITIES - blindness, deafness, paralysis, memoryloss.TRANSPORT - Drive your car with your subconsience connected to your Tesla. Just like riding a bike you can let go of the steeringwheel and let the Tesla drive but with your supervision.GAMING - Will gaming be like the movie "The Matrix"? You boot up in a white room and then go to war next to Neo, William Wallace or Luke Skywalker.AVATAR - will you be able to completely change body? if you can download/upload all your thoughts and memories, can you "copy" yourself?FASTER THOUGHTS - when you dream, it's only the last moments before you wake up, yet it feels like a long time. will you be able to do the similar for thoughts? You think for an hour in your head but only 1 min passed irl?MORE THOUGHTS - Physical improvement? Will your body be easier to maintain? Warn you if you are sitting in a bad position?

Negative points

HACKING - Everything that is connected to the internet can be hacked.TRACKING - You probably will be visable by GPS or usage basically 24/7. Your digital footprint will be enormous.BATTERY EXPLODES - The Neuralink has a small battery, which is charged with a inductive charger, with but still operated IN your head. We all seen the videos of cellphones overheat and explode.

Something to think about

Making neuroscience accessible | Greg Gage
by TED Archive

Life after neuralink


I don't think all jobs will disappear all at once. Instead I think people can have many jobs at the same time. As in the video above the robot is controlled over the internet. What if you had robots like this at workplaces, in many parts of the world. One person can connect to a robot anywhere and you just download the instructions for the job and do remote manual labour.

Theodore - "Do you talk to anyone else while we’re talking?"
Samantha - "Yeah."
Theodore - "How many others?"
Samantha - "8,316."

~ HER, 2013

Eddie Morra: Maths became useful...and fun.
I learned to play the piano in 3 days!
I was blind, but now I see.
I wasn't high, I wasn't wired, I was clear

~ Limitless, 2011